Welcome to the blog of the Greater Washington Association of Teachers of Foreign Languages (GWATFL), the premier foreign language organization representing language educators K-20 in the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia and southern Maryland. GWATFL invites the particpation of language professionals who want to help organize faculty development activities, conferences and other events. GWATFL is also engaged in language advocacy projects and supports the instruction of World Languages at every level of education. For more information, send an e-mail to info@gwatfl.org.

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  1. I am a librarian in Florida looking for information for my sister, who teaches both French and German in Michigan to middle school students. She is interested in chatroom, email, and/or text messaging terminology/abbreviations in French and German to review with her students. Any ideas? Thank you!

  2. Lauri,

    One great source of Foreign Language info for your sister is the nationwide listserve called FLTEACH. She will find plenty of colleagues in middle school, French and German. Have her google FLTEACH to try and subscribe and she’ll find a vibrant FL community.

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